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>> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 news at noon. breaking news. >> good afternoon. we begin with breaking news at this afternoon. an offshore oil rig has exploded in the gulf of mexico. the blast happened just left of the site that caused the massive bp oil spill with about 80 miles off the louisiana coast. there are reports that 12 are in the water, one person is missing. the coast guard says that
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helicopters, boats, and airplanes are all headed to that site. we will have much more as soon as it becomes available. meanwhile, today at noon, we're following two other big stories for you. first, all eyes continue to watch hurricane earl. coastal committees from new england are watching the powerful category 4 storm. we will take off like team coverage from one of the beaches in a moment. first, the latest on a story that had the nation's attention, focused on the washington suburb. employees at the discovery communications building in silver spring are trickling back to work after yesterday's toxic situation that brought the area to a standstill. courtney is talking to the employees were back in the building today. we begin with at police headquarters where we just got an update. what is the latest there?
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investigators have been working around the clock throughout the night, both inside and outside of the discovery communications building, trying to figure out exactly what happened, as well as clear the scene there. we now know what kind of explosives the suspect brought inside the building. we now know what james lee kerrigan said, starting this enough that lasted more than four hours. four devices were stuck to him, including propane cylinders. bombs onwere two pipe him as well. >> while monitoring him on camera they noticed a switch in his hand, leading them to concerns about whether or not he had a radio-control device. lee talked about the explosives while on the phone with a news producer. >> do you have a gun?
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>> i have a gun, and have a bomb. i have several bomb strapped to my body ready to go off. >> they worked throughout the night to disrupt those devices which were crude but potentially harmful. investigators also found batteries, a ski mask, and a secondhand done. people are reacting. >> you don't want someone like that around your place of employment. >> we expect to get an update from police later this afternoon. the authorities tell us they have to have this thing cleared in silver spring later today. for the latest, my colleague courtney robinson. >> we still have police here in silver spring at the discovery building. also here, dozens of workers who were turned around -- while many could not talk on camera, one woman said that she feels blessed. >> i kept calming him down.
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quizzed christopher says that he came face-to-face with james one week ago on the bus. he was passing of christian cards when he offended lee who went unleash. he says that he saw him around 12:00 a.m. yesterday pushing cardboard boxes. he had no idea they contained explosives. matt worse for discovery, but was not inside when lee came in sight with the boxes and fired a gun in the lobby. he had left work for the day, and is surprised. >> you need key cards and access to get everywhere, so i usually feel safe here. >> today he and many others returned to work of the discovery building. but it is not only those who
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work there who were shaken. people just across the street are reminded. >> a spontaneous maniac -- it is crazy. today the mood is somber, waiting to see how the rest of the day plays out. >> samantha was one of the last employees to back we her office. she came face-to-face with snipers when she finally got out. >> i still have to go to work. i still have a job to do. you have to move on. >> now we go back to our other top stories today. take a look at the view from space. this is hurricane earl approaching the east coast. warnings are posted up and down the eastern seaboard. the areas of biggest concern of the beaches. adam is standing by live in one of the communities, ocean city.
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what can we expect in the hours to come? >> today will be fantastic. the beach-goers are getting in the last day of sunshine. about the more effects in detail. let's give the latest -- still a major category four hurricane. look at our storms can. maximum sustained winds at 140 miles per hour, but with higher gusts. it is 300 miles south of cape hatteras. it has continued to push north. it will and direct with an upper level when flow tomorrow. that will push it off to the east and accelerate it. by 8:00 a.m. and should be positioned about 125 miles east of virginia beach, by 2:00 p.m. about 125 miles due east of ocean city. that is when we can expect some of the biggest effects.
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a tropical storm warning is in effect for the peninsula and the beaches along here. we have occurred came watch. -- a hurricane watch. more detail, coming up. >> thank you. amtrak announced that hurricane earl oil is impacting some of their areas. the delays and cancellations are expected to continue through saturday. if you have a trip scheduled, call ahead. the storm could not have come at a worse time with so many vacationers already settled for labor day. thousands more are anxiously waiting to decide. a state of emergency is the last thing they want. chris continues the coverage from ocean city. how are people handling this uncertainty? >> some are trying to understand the today before the storm
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arrives, but having to work around the city crews who are standing up things like this fence. this is just one example of preparations across this part of town. >> yet, i am a little scared. >> a deceptively calm start to the day in ocean city as preparations are well under way. early this morning we found storm shutters already done. crews began pulling up signposts this morning and replacing them with hundreds of feet of the offense. >> the storm -- it will help to keep some of the sand on the parking lot. >> issues watching her husband and son surf. they want to stay, but she has another idea. >> i would like to pack up and leave, probably this afternoon. >> you cannot blame her. the category four storm is brewing up the east coast --
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three states declared the state of emergency. >> friday will be a lousy day to be driving around. consider delaying your arrival until the storm passes. >> in the outer banks of north carolina, evacuations on a mandatory basis are in the place. it is expected to say only 60 miles offshore. >> they will make us sit in this topic. >> with warnings all the way to canada emergency shelters are open, and homes are being boarded up. >> you never know what kind of flying debris you get. >> the expectation is tropical storm force winds here in ocean city. about 1:00 p.m. town leaders will be to finalize their plans, what exactly they will do to prepare. we will have that at 5:00 p.m. >> ok, thank you very much. you can track hurricane earl 24
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hours per day and get the latest on, just click on the weather page. a developing story in northwest washington, d.c. at the scene of a fire at an art gallery. there was a report of smoke and flames. it is at the phillips collection on 21st street in the morning. it was spreading through the ceiling and onto the roof when they arrived. the fire was under control in about 50 minutes. no one was hurt by crews are still on the scene. expect traffic delays on 21st street and q street. coming up, a computer glitch is repaired, but delays are lingering today with what the state of virginia is trying to do to beat the backlog at the dmv. a rarely heard voice now speaking up in the d.c. mayoral race. later, president obama pushes for peace in the middle east, but did the meeting move things
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forward? all that and we will go back to the beach with adam. we will have the latest o
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>> welcome back. more on hurricane earl in a moment. but college community is mourning the loss of the city. the officials at st. mary's say that a female volleyball player collapsed while playing with friends, and later died of a hospital. the medical examiner has not reported an official cause of death. a week-long service added it is over today at the department of
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motor vehicles. it delayed a number of services. officials expect long lines. for that reason, all offices will remain open one hour later today and tomorrow, and some will extend their hours 3 6:00 p.m. on saturday. pepco customers will get a chance to voice their concerns tonight with another public hearing focusing on reliability and the aftermath of powerful storms this summer. it will be at prince george's community college at 6:00 p.m. to the mayor's race to date -- the contest is heating up before the countdown to the primary. mayor fenty and his chief rival debated in front of supporters. much of the focus is on fenty
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who agreed his perceived as arrogant and uncaring by some. a rare appearance of his wife michelle reacted to her numbers. poll >> it was so striking to me, and to hear the things people are saying about my husband which i know not true, is very painful. >> should no plans to campaign for her husband. a recent poll showed him trailing gray by 17 points. peace talks between israel and palestinians kicked off today. abbas i. meetingd for the first time in nearly two years. hillary clinton is hosting the talks. >> you have each taken an important step toward freeing your peoples from the shackles of history we cannot change. >> the goal is to end israel's
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43-year occupation of the palestinian territory within the this year, creating an independent palestinian state. both sides had resolved to work on all of sending conflict. the latest casualties come as the u.s. defense secretary flew from baghdad to the afghan capital. gates is ka is karzai and david petraeus. the deaths happened in a region where the fight against insurgents has been the most intense. engineers plan to remove the cap on the bp oil well today. the blown out well cost the worst oil spill in u.s. history. it is a privilege to raising the failed blowout preventing of engineers did not expect another gusher when it is removed, but collection vessels are standing by. turning back to the big story -- that is hurricane earl.
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will put a damper on beach plans in the days to come? for more, adam we, once again from loocean city. >> yeah, they have been streaming in all morning before sunrise. they are not advising summer's to go past notknees. the waves are bell 6 feet. we could see waves tomorrow twice that size. the conditions should be carried for only about 24 hours. if you plan to come for labor day, it will be ok. sunny but breezy. take a look at our storms can. the latest imagery from hurricane earl.
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it is a beautiful hurricane. it should move to the north at about 18 miles per hour, near 2:00 p.m.. it would be 125 miles offshore. the hurricane force winds are 90 miles out from mileseye of the storm. those winds could come on shore. there is a hurricane watch in effect. steady winds over 35 miles per hour, when gusts up to 55 m.p.h. from tonight through tomorrow until sunset. not only that, off and on the andswells living on shore, with up to two inches anticipated. for more on the local weather, steve?
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>> we're looking at clouds beginning to increase. off to the west -- these counties, lots of sunshine. a rapid warm-up. a cold front is off to the west of us. it will hopefully keep the storm west of the east coast. mostly sunny and hot for the afternoon. temperatures will be in the lower 90s. it will be quiet overnight with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. tomorrow will have partly sunny skies and be a bit more breezy. it is a beautiful extended outlook with temperatures in the lower 80s saturday, even into monday on labor day. the nighttime lows will be in the middle to upper 50s. as we move into the middle of next week our temperatures will
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start to warm a little, back to the upper 80s, but a welcome change. we will have cooler, drier air, and finally for the holiday weekend -- we will get hurricane earl out of here. we want safe travels to ocean city, or other destinations spots. >> when we continue, an update on breaking news -- the latest on a new oil spill in the
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>> the national zoo know has a new elephant habitat. the exhibit is called the elephant trills, and includes a
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barn, two outdoor barnes, and it is for currently endangered elephants. hyundai is launching a nationwide campaign to help children fight cancer. they keep it off to date to honor the national awareness month. they donate money to georgetown hospital, among other places. >> it is through these efforts working with partners through research centers across the country that we can get the job done. >> the automobile company plans to donate $700 million this month alone. a final
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>> an update on breaking news -- another over exploded in the gulf of mexico this morning. all 13 people on board have been accounted for. the coast guard says an offshore petroleum platform exploded 80 miles off the louisiana coast, just west of the bp site. meanwhile, no signs of hurricane earl yet. look at this shot from the outer banks of north carolina. it is beautiful. things are expected to change as
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the storm moves up the east coast. >> the, before the storm. we have a really nice day before the storm -- the calm before the storm. we're losing two minutes of daylight each day. today will be another hot one. near 94 tomorrow. it will be a little breezy, especially to the east. the cold front will move it through saturday through monday. the temperatures will be in the lower 80s for daytime highs. there will be a break and the humidity. the nighttime lows will be very comfortable in the upper 50s. we will give you a complete update on hurricane earl at 5:00 p.m. >> looks like a picture perfect holiday weekend. thank you. we'll see you back here in the
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morning at 4:3
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